As the premier solution for cargo area interior protection systems for commercial vehicles, Legend Fleet Solutions specializes in wall liners, rigid flooring and rubber mats. All Legend products are precut to be easily installed in most commercial vans.

At Legend Fleet Solutions, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and extensive range of our product offering. Our years of experience in the industry have helped us build a strong product line, refined over time and suitable for any fleet needs you might have. Our extensive dealership network across the globe ensures you won’t have to travel far to find a dealer to install our products.


Products We Offer

All Legend products are precision made to fit each specific vehicle.

Legend Offers a Network of Certified Dealers Throughout UK & Europe

We have certified dealers in all major cities throughout the UK & Europe that will help you decide on the best product for every application and will be able to advise on all the benefits our products have to offer. Together with the help of our dealers we will get upfits done quickly, ensuring valuable vehicles are not kept off the road any longer than necessary.

Once installed, owners and operators have peace of mind that workers and cargo are afforded the maximum protection possible, lowering the chance of any liabilities. Not only that, but the inside and outside of the vehicles remain in pristine condition. No more dings, scratches or marks, thanks to our durable floors and wall liners.

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Experts in Fleet Protection

Legend’s pre-cut solutions are the most effective options available on the market. Why?
  • Quick and hassle free installation, enabling a fast upfit.

  • Lightweight, helping to save on fuel costs.

  • Interior and exterior protection, a crucial factor in overall resale value.

Protect Your Workforce and Cargo

Legend products not only protect the vehicle but also the workforce and the cargo they carry. By providing a safe, non-slip working area the risk of employees slipping and the danger of shifting cargo will be reduced. This is a critical safety factor and a crucial consideration for any fleet owner.

custom-fit-fleet-solutions Interior Fleet Protection

Why Choose Legend Fleet Solutions?

Your fleet doesn’t have time or money to waste on something unpredictable like mats of inexperience or lesser quality. You know better than that. Unlike other brands, at Legend, we are “Experts in Fleet Protection”. Becoming a leader in the Global market over the past 10 years, Legend Fleet Solutions offers the highest quality products at while being economically reasonable.

This quality is includes some of the market’s most craved features like durability, anti-slip grip, life-time guarantee, and most importantly, absolute safety and protection. With years of experience in the industry, you will never regret investing in legendary products.

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