Insulated DuraTherm

These industry-leading wall and door liners are highly durable, impact resistant, and will protect cargo van panels from the harshest wear and tear. The 3mm insulation layer deadens sound significantly, to enhance operator workspaces, while creating a thermal barrier to control temperatures. With a total thickness of 9mm, these liners provide superb side panel protection, to increase the lifespan and resale value of the vehicle.

  • 6mm thick polypropylene liner, with 3mm foam insulation
  • Sound deadening
  • Impact/puncture resistant
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Precision cut
  • Thermal barrier - layer of insulatoin
  • Professional brand image
  • Available in white and grey

Noise-deadening material and temperature control make for a quiet and comfortable environment. Lightweight, precision-cut and pre\eans quick and easy mounting.

Superb side-panel protection and price competitive initial cost increases the lifespan and resale value of vehicle.

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