Legend ShoulderSink - Mobile Handwashing Station

Keep your technicians cleaner and safer while working hard on the road. Allow your mobile workforce to clean their hands after visiting any places of possible virus contamination. Any industry - hand-hygiene on the go!

All in one - comes with Water, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Paper, Disposal Bin in one compact unit.

Legend ShoulderSink

Legend ShoulderSink Mobile Handwashing Station Shoulder-Sink-04-19-december-2016-mejls-foto  with bracket


STAY CLEAN - It all starts with clean hands - then everything will be clean. 

STAY HEALTHY - Clean hands lowers the risk of bacteria and viral infections. Simple hand-hygiene at every stop can slow the spread of viruses.

SAVE TIME - Always ready to use. Lower the hose with your arm, and your hands are clean in just 30 seconds. No more looking for sanitation – its right there, in your van.

Let's do our part in fighting COVID-19.

Can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle for easy access. Comes with Mounting Bracket and Shoulder Strap.

SKU: HS1-001

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