Rigid Flooring

A rigid floor eliminates the unevenness of the factory steel floor and creates a flat, safe working area. All Legend Fleet Solutions floors are precut to fit each fleet vehicle.

Stabiligrip - heavy duty floor

The industry’s only dimensionally-stable, composite rigid flooring. Using substantially improved durability and strength, Stabiligrip offers maximum efficiency and safety for technicians and the fleet vehicle. Its increased strength, fortified by glass fiber, creates an absolutely impact and puncture resistant floor to protect from damage. Built with the toughest proprietary blend of recycled products, its versatility can be used in a wide variety of applications. A fine texture gives high grip but smooth cargo loading with a COF of 8.7 compared to 2.4 industry average.


StabiliGrip Close-up Square
Evolve Close-up square

Evolve - lightweight floor

Legend's all-new Evolve Lightweight Rigid Floor takes all the ideal requirements for a van floor, and combines them into one product - an industry leading floor for the EV market. Its high anti-slip properties creates a safe environment for fleet operators. At 50% less weight than traditional plywood flooring, it saves fuel or increases range, whilst allowing more goods to be carried in the vehicle.